• SC Deck
  • System Truss Bridges

SC Deck (Steel and Concrete composite decking system)

By employing our SC Deck, a highly durable steel / concrete composite decking system, site construction labour levels are reduced and construction durations decreased while achieving superior safety levels. This permanent steel formwork is lightweight and excellent for structural launching whilst completely replacing conventional formwork.

Structural Features

  • Applicable to a long-span deck system for open-box girder and minimal-girder bridges.
  • Suitable for replacing existing decks while enabling weight minimisation due to thin plate thickness.
  • Exceptional deck durability (equivalent to PC deck).
  • Readily adaptable to various road configurations such as road widening, curved roads, and oblique angles.

Construction Features

  • Lightweight under-steel plate facilitates ease of transportation and installation.
  • Complex erection techniques are not required.
  • Stiffening functions enable easy launching and side-shifting activities.
  • Traditional timber formwork is unnecessary thus making it suitable for overpasses and deck repairs.