Key Events

2013 Kawada Robotics Corporation is established
2009 Kawada Technologies, Inc. is established and listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2004 Global Business Department is established
2000 Attainment of AISC certification
1998 Attainment of ISO 9001
S.S.K. is established (Shanghai, China)
1992 Wind tunnel and structural testing laboratories are created
1987 Aviation Division is established (currently: Robotics Division)
1986 Kyouryou (Bridge) Maintenance, Inc. is established
1978 Architecture Division is established
1972 Listed on the First Sections of the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges
1971 Construction Division is established
Kawada Construction Co., Ltd. is established
1970 Kawada Technosystem Co., Ltd. is established
1966 First Overseas Project
1922 Mr. Chutaro Kawada founds Kawada Ironworks


Since its inception in 1922, the Kawada Group, Inc. has grown into a global leader in complex steel structures for infrastructure and buildings.

Kawada's capabilities and solutions, whether for the entire package of our resources, or for specialised activities (fabrication, design, technical assistance, erection engineering / heavy lifting, value engineering, or related supervisory activities), are sought after for major projects, world-wide.

Behind Kawada's success lies a tradition of innovation and creativity, coupled with guarantees of quality, efficiency, and safety. Our innovative ideas have enabled Kawada to engineer, fabricate, and construct many bridges and structures, unparalleled in size and shape, not just within Japan, but also in Asia, North America, the Middle East, and Africa. The Guinness Book of World Records has acknowledged our achievements for bridge-span length, and for the structural height of a statue. We are confident that you too will quickly understand that Kawada's achievements have become the standard for the industry.

Kawada's core operations encompass:

(1) steel bridges,
(2) steel structures, and
(3) total building construction services.

Within this nucleus, completed projects constitute a variety of tastes and designs that are unmistakably "Kawada". Outside of this nucleus, Kawada's diversified operations include pre-engineered metal buildings, ecological urban systems, and new generation robotics solutions. Extensive research and development ensures that Kawada will remain at the forefront of the elite by introducing timely technical innovations, such as our System Truss Bridges and SC Deck (Steel and Concrete Composite Bridge Deck) system. Kawada strives to contribute to improve people's standard of living by building more comfortable living and working environments, and by building safer and more efficient travel routes.

Breakdown of Total Revenue

JPY 60,369,000,000 (as of March 2016)
JPY 95,153,000,000 (Consolidated)
113,000t (170,000t capacity)
1,022 employees (as of March 2016)
2,165 employees (Consolidated)