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Year Project Name State Description Details
1970 Broadway Bridge ARK Tied arch 130 m
1973 Anchorage Port Access Highway AK Continuous plate girders 362.3 m
Civic Center Building CA Office 1,350 t
1975 Dave Johnson Steam Electric Plant WA Steel frame 800 t
Pasco-Kennewick Intercity Bridge - Towerheads WA Cable-stayed bridge towerhead 259 t
Chena River Bridge AK 3-span, continuous plate girders 160.9 m
1976 Missouri River Railway Bridge (#893) MO Through trusses and plate girders 568.5 m
South Terminal Interchange - Hwy. 365 and Hwy. 365 - Frazier Pike ARK Freeway plate girders 6,644 m
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transportation Authority - Railway Section CE130 Elevated Bridge GA Rapid transit open-box girders 1,464.6 m
San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge CA Restrainer Bracket 69 t
1977 Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transportation Authority - Railway Section CE125 Bridge GA Rapid transit open-box girders 695 m
Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) - Valdez Port Loading Berth No. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 AK Oil loading platform 1,410 t
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transportation Authority - Railway Section CW560 Bridge GA Rapid transit open-box girders 1,192 t
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transportation Authority - Railway Section CW565 Bridge GA Rapid transit open-box girders 532 t
Frazier Pike - Relocated Port Railroad ARK Freeway plate girders 943 t
St. Francis Levee - Mississippi River ARK Freeway plate girders 4@ 28 m
3@ 25 m
Milwaukee Tower Drive Bridge WI Tied arch 139.4 m
1978 Minnesota River Bridge MN Tied arch 290 m
1981 Arrowhead Bridge WI/MN Tied arch 152.4 m
Arkansas River Bridge Superstructure ARK Freeway plate girders 1,277.1 m
1982 Shasta County Justice Center CA Courthouse 1,000 t
1984 Prescott Bridge over the St. Croix River WI/MN Lift-type truss railway bridge 207.2 m
1986 Lahaina Cannery HI Factory 850 t
2007 Second Tacoma Narrows Bridge WA Suspension bridge 1,646 m

Central and South America

Country Year Project Name Description Details
Nicaragua 2013 The Project for Reconstruction of Bridges on Managua - El Rama Road Simple truss bridge
Simple PC bridge
Continuous plate girder bridge
353 t


Country Year Project Name Description Details
Taiwan 1966 Taipei Bridge Composite plate girders 498.4 m
1975 Ta-Chih Elevated Bridge Pre-beam 1,130 m
Chinese Mill Crane Girder Crane girder 1,500 t
1996 Kaoping River C381 Cable-stayed Bridge Cable-stayed bridge 2,617 m
2000 Jenq-Chih Bridge Truss (Technical Assistance) 170 m
2004 Taiwan High Speed Rail C250 Warren truss bridges 3@ 410 m
2007 Taiwan High Speed Rail Project
- C442 Steel bridge paint Repair Work
Steel bridge paint repair work  
China 1980 Bao Shan Steel Mill Plant Mill Plant 7,000 t
1987 Nan-Tong Power Station Factory 8,300 t
1997 HSB Building - Shanghai High-rise building  
1998 International Financial Centre Building - Shanghai High-rise building  
2004 Electric Motor Assembly Factory Factory  
2006 Su-Ton Bridge ENG/SV Cable-stayed bridge (Technical advice) 1,088 m
Hong Kong 1974 Hong Kong Flyover Bridge Composite HBB 469 t
1976 4th Container Terminal Building Steel frame 520 t
Caterpillar Workshop Factory  
1977 Kowloon Motor Bus Depot Steel frame  
1979 Holiday Inn Hotel building  
1981 Taipo/Fanling Flyover Bridges Non-composite HBB plate girders Taipo 158 m
    Fanling 135 m
Euro Trade Centre Office building 2,500 t
1982 Jaffe Road Commercial Building Office building 1,200 t
1983 Mass Transit Railway (MTR) - Railway Pier Box column  
1984 HSBC Hong Kong Building - Package 5015 Link Bridge Link bridge 2,000 t
HSBC Hong Kong Building - Package 5070 Steel Staircases Steel staircases 2,000 t
HSBC Hong Kong Building - Package 4030 Work Platform Work platform 2,000 t
HSBC Hong Kong Building - Package 4040 Basement Column Basement columns 2,000 t
Lamma Power Station Power plant 4,800 t
1985 Lo wu Station Building Train terminal building 1,850 t
2011 Hong Kong MTR, Fo Tan Railway House Midori-chan system 72m2
2011 Hong Kong Cricket Club Midori-chan system 113m2
2012 Birkdale International Limited Pilot Project Midori-chan system 54.5m2
2013 West Kowloon Cultural District Authority Site Office Midori-chan system 483m2
2013 Hong Kong Water Supplies Department Midori-chan system 223m2
2014 Hong Kong MTR, Kennedy Town Station Midori-chan system 467m2
South Korea 1969 No.3 Hankan River Bridge 3-span, continuous composite plate girders 3@ 30 m
2000 Youngjong Grand Bridge Suspension bridge (Technical Assistance) 750 m
Singapore 1980 Hyorocracker Complex Steel frame  
1982 Henderson Building Factory 1,800 t
1983 Kikkoman SP Factory  
Indonesia 1984 Kaltim-1 KCC Factory 2,200 t
Kaltim-2 KCC Factory 510 t
1985 Railway Bridge between Panunggalan and Tobo Rehabilitation work 649 t
Malaysia 1982 Dayabumi Factory Office building  
Republic of the Philippines 1971 Gilbert Bridge 3-span, continuous 10-plate girders 742.2 m
1972 National Highway Project HBB plate girders 548.6 m
1974 Magapit Suspension Bridge Suspension bridge with stiffening truss 257 m
1982 Hector Mendoza Bridge Through-truss plate girder railway bridge 798 m
1984 Light Rail Transit System - Rail Laying Work Rail laying work  
Pasig River Bridge Composite plate girder railway bridge 138 m
2005 2nd Magsaysay Bridge and Buntan City Bypass Road Project Viaduct  
2006 Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway Project Package 2 Steel girders 200 m
Urgent Bridges Construction Project for Rural Development Package III Steel girders 663 m
2007 Pantal Bridge Plate girder bridge 380 m
Sri Lanka 1983 Colombo Port Expansion PC boards & misc. structures  
Brunei 1977 Oil Drilling Platform Skidding beam  
1984 Oil Drilling Platform Skidding beam  
Bangladesh 2006 Portable Steel Bridges on Upazila and Union Road
(Primary Period)
Steel truss bridges  
2007 Portable Steel Bridges on Upazila and Union Road
(Second Period)
Steel truss bridges  
2008 Portable Steel Bridges on Upazila and Union Road
(Third Period)
Steel truss bridges  
Pakistan 1988 Jammu-Sharow Turbine House Factory 2,000 t
2006 Gates of Taunsa Barrage Floodgate (Rehabilitation work)  
Papua New Guinea 2012 The Project for Construction of Bridges on Bougainville Coastal Trunk Road Steel I Girder Bridges 650 t

Middle East, Oceania, & Africa

Country Year Project Name Description Details
Middle East
Iraq 1974 Iraq Basra Bridge PC  
1976 Iraq Basra Canal Bridge PC  
Basra Transverse Beam Steel girders 938 t
1979 Al Tayeb Hotel Hotel building 630 t
Bahrain 1982 Bahrain Aluminium Plant Factory 4,000 t
Qatar 1978 Sheraton Hotel and Conference Centre Hotel and Conference Centre 8,700 t
1979 Qapco Pipe Rack Factory 350 t
1981 Um-Said Sub Station Factory 180 t
Kuwait 1978 Kuwait Flyover Bridge Non-composite HBB plate girders 220 m
1981 Kuwait Flyover Bridge (Rehabilitation #2) Rehabilitation work  
West Doha Power Station Power plant 8,500 t
Kuwait Flyover Bridges (Rehabilitation #5) Rehabilitation work  
1983 Kuwait Maintenance Project Maintenance work  
1985 Az-Zour Kuwait Factory 640 t
Iran 1978 Iran Du-Pont Factory 1,300 t
UAE 1984 Sharjah Bridge Plate girders 59 m
2006 Dubai International Airport APM System Guide rails  
Saudi Arabia 1983 Ras Tanura Office building  
Ab - Qaiq Office building  
Samoa 2005 Apia Fisheries Wharf and Related Facilities Misc. steel structures 30 t
Solomon Islands 2007 Reconstruction of Bridges in the East Guadalcanal Plate girders  
Algeria 1977 H. Rommel Gas Plant Steel frame  
Libya 1981 Misurata Steel mill Steel mill 17,800 t
Egypt 1984 Nag Hammady Bridge Through-truss railway bridge 1,976 t
Benin 2004 Cotonou Fishery Harbour Work - Shop Building Factory and port facilities 73 t
Mozambique 2006 The Chimoio Primary Teacher Training Center Steel building frame  
Mali 2009 Bale Bridge Steel I girder 114 t