The Mechatronics Group of Kawada has a unique background and expertise in the fields of aeronautical, mechanical, control, and electrical engineering whilst diversifying cutting-edge technologies and knowledge accumulated in such fields into a wide variety of industries.

The humanoid robot has been developed in collaboration with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), an independent administrative legal entity, which assumes responsibility for total specification design while Kawada focuses upon the handling of the robot hardware and the fabrication of the robots themselves.


1999 Awarded a design-build contract by the University of Tokyo for the Humanoid Robot “H6”
2000 Development and completion of the Humanoid Robot “H7” and “isamu”
(Awarded Government-funded Humanoid robotic project contract)
2001 Development of the Humanoid Robot “ HRP-2” Prototype
2002 Completion of the Humanoid Robot “HRP-2”
(Establishment of General Robotix, Inc. for the sales of humanoid control software)
Commencement of the Humanoid Robot “HRP-3” development
2004 Completion and display of the Humanoid Robot “HRP-2” in the U.S.A.
2005 Development and completion of biped walking robot dinosaurs “T-Rex” and “Parasaurolophus” for EXPO 2005 AICHI JAPAN
Completion of the Humanoid Robot “HRP-3” Prototype
2007 Completion of the Humanoid Robot “HRP-3”
2009 Completion of the Next-generation industrial robot “NEXTAGE”
2010 Completion of the Humanoid Robot “HRP-4”
2013 Kawada Robotics Corporation is established