Our Vision

Our Past Shines,
But The Brightest
Are Yet To Come

When Kawada Industries, Inc. was formed in 1922, we made it our mission to serve society through technology. Since that time, we have continuously strived to achieve this goal by deploying technological innovations across the whole range of our operations.

Today, our projects cater to many of society’s basic requirements, including transport, energy and information. Our bridges, for example, remain the world standard, and our buildings and city structures provide the infrastructure necessary for a more-mobile, ever-changing society. Another area of our expertise is contributing to monumental projects of historical interest. By doing so, we provide long-term benefits to our communities and instil genuine pride in our employees.

In the future, we will continue to redefine new boundaries using cutting-edge technology so that more people, everywhere, can lead comfortable, healthy lives for many generations to come.