The KTI Kawada Group, of which Kawada Industries, Inc. is an integral part, comprises a diverse collection of businesses that serve society. The Group’s companies carry out a broad range of functions, including building, maintaining and preserving infrastructure, creating efficient and convenient information systems, developing humanoid robots, protecting the global environment, gathering information in the event of natural disasters, and providing air transportation.

Since the Group’s inception in 1922 until the present day and, as we look forward to our centenary in 2022, the KTI Kawada Group remains committed to its mission of creating a safe, comfortable and sustainable society for the future.

KTI Kawada Group 2019 Revenue Breakdown

KTI Kawada Group 2019 Revenue BreakdownKTI Kawada Group 2019 Revenue Breakdown

*As of 8 July 2019

Kawada Technologies

In 2009, the KTI Kawada Group established Kawada Technologies, Inc. as a holding company of the Group. Its purpose is to optimise the Group’s future growth by establishing a management structure that maximises corporate value across all the Group’s companies through greater integration and flexibility.

We selected the name “Kawada Technologies” because we wanted to create a brand that establishes the Group, and all its member companies, as an organisation recognised for contributing to the betterment of society through innovative technology.

Kawada Technologies, Inc.(1971〜)

Kawada Technologies, Inc.

PresidentTadahiro Kawada

Kawada Technologies, Inc. is a holding company of the KTI Kawada Group.

Kawada Industries, Inc. the nucleus of the KTI Kawada Group, recognizes that each company within the KTI Kawada Group is able to contribute to society through its technological skills and understanding.
Looking to establish ourselves as one of the leaders of this association, we took the name “Kawada Technologies” to represent our desire for the KTI Kawada Group to become a corporate association that can contribute further to society through our technological developments and create greater unity amongst our corporate association.

Affiliated Companies

Kawada Industries, Inc. is complemented by a number of businesses within the KTI Kawada Group structure.

Kawada Construction Co., Ltd.(1971〜)

Construction Co., Ltd.(Japanese)

PresidentTakuya Kawada

Bridge construction

PC bridges and structures; steel-concrete prebeam composite bridges; super structures, such as tanks; cable erection on long-span suspension bridges; and stiffened girders.


Designing, producing and constructing precast concrete and precast building units.

Public and preservation works

Maintaining and repairing bridges and other structures; landscaping works; and general civil engineering works.

Kawada Technosystem Co., Ltd.(1970〜)

Technosystem Co., Ltd.(Japanese)

PresidentNagahiro Yamano


  • Development and sales of information sharing cloud service.
  • Development and sales of construction industry-applied software (development and sales of analysis software, automated bridge designing and drafting software, as well as many other construction-related software.)
  • Analysis, design and Computer Aided Drawing of constructs including computer-driven bridges.
  • Development and sales of computer systems, hardware and software.
Kyouryou Maintenance, Inc.(1983〜)

Maintenance, Inc.(Japanese)

PresidentKoichiro Tomizawa

Bridge expansion and contraction equipment

Manufacture and sales of specialised equipment, including quick drains, concrete savers, spiral drainers and more.

Toho Air Service Co., Ltd.(1960〜)

Toho Air Service Co., Ltd.

PresidentMasayuki Udagawa

Non-scheduled air transportation

Passenger transportation and commuter services; sightseeing flights; chartered flights; operation flights for construction; and rescue flights.

Aircraft operations

Crop spraying; news broadcasting, reporting and investigating; pollution investigations; filming and photo shoots; disaster relief and rescue; surveys; and pilot training.

New Central Air Service Co., Ltd.(1978〜)

New Central
Air Service Co., Ltd.

PresidentMasami Okabe

Non-scheduled air transportation

Passenger transportation and commuter services; sightseeing flights; and chartered flights.

Aircraft operations

Filming and photo shoots; surveys; and pilot training.


Airport administration.

Fujimae Steel Co., Ltd.(1986〜)

Fujimae Steel Co., Ltd.

PresidentYuji Kobayashi

Steel sales

Sale of steel materials; cast steel products; construction machinery; and tools.

Kawada Robotics Corp.(2013〜)

Kawada Robotics Corp.

PresidentTadahiro Kawada

Industrial robots

Manufacture and sale of next generation robots; develop, design, sell and consult on a range of machines, computer systems and software.

Kawada Global (Hong Kong) Limited(2017〜)

Kawada Global (Hong Kong)

Managing DirectorSean Johnstone

Greening system

Installing and maintaining the Midori-chan™ greening system on large and small construction projects in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, the USA and further afield.

Our Industry Partners

Birkdale International Limited

Birkdale International Limited is a globally recognised, leading landscape contractor and our trusted partner in Hong Kong for installing the Midori-chan™ greening system.

Centaur Asia Pacific
(Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Centaur Asia Pacific, with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia have consistently provided the best products and the highest level of support and after-sales services to hundreds of clients in the Asia Pacific Region. We are currently providing products and services to clients in public and private sectors that are constructing and maintaining roof-top and vertical gardens, landscapes, parks, home lawns, hotels & resorts, recreational facilities, golf courses, and sports fields.

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