At Kawada Industries, Inc., with every project, we strive to create a safe and comfortable environment that benefits everyone. To facilitate this, we incorporate corporate social responsibility strategies within all our businesses. This way, we can be sure that our impact on the environment is kept to a minimum and that we give back to the communities where we operate.


Protecting the environment for future generations is of the utmost importance. As a globally renowned conglomerate, it is essential that Kawada Industries, Inc. is recognised as a leader in this field – in Japan, in Asia-Pacific and across the world. It is the responsibility of all companies, regardless of their industry, to minimise the effect they have on nature. Within the construction industry, we at Kawada Industries, Inc. engage in a number of environmental conservation activities throughout the year, and take steps to reduce the amount of waste generated by our industrial activities.
For a number of years, we focused on developing greening technology that could be deployed on rooftops and walls, particularly in urban areas. This has since been perfected into Midori-chan™, our revolutionary greening system which uses natural rainfall and recycled waste material to promote vegetation growth while saving on water usage. This technology is now spreading from Japan, where it has been embraced with much enthusiasm, into the wider region and beyond.
To find out more about how Midori-chan™ is leading the way in greening technology, click here.

Our People

At Kawada Industries, Inc., our people are our most prized assets. So it is imperative that they are provided with a working environment that allows them to develop and thrive – both personally and professionally. In turn, this will help all of us achieve our Kawada Vision 2022 of facing challenges directly to become the most profitable company in the industry. To this end, we provide regular employee skills training, and encourage different departments to share knowledge.
As is expected with a conglomerate like Kawada Industries, Inc., the safety of our employees is our top priority. We maintain an excellent safety record by ensuring basic policies are properly enacted, and by educating staff about the importance of safety patrols and correct health and safety management.

Our Society

Our communities are at the heart of all our commercial activities. At Kawada Industries, Inc., we work hard to bring together local residents and students so they can see the benefit of our work for themselves. It is also crucial for us to engage with our communities so they may understand how Kawada Industries, Inc. is contributing to Society 5.0, both in terms of our technical innovation and how we will deploy it to create a happier, more connected society.
To ensure this happens, we hold tours of our construction sites and factories, and offer internships to talented young civil engineers. We also encourage people from the local community to join us in carrying out clean-up activities, such as removing litter from areas surrounding our sites and factories.
A further aspect of our sustainability operations is our products and services related to emergency response in the event of a disaster. For our road bridges, we have developed technology which enables us to respond quickly to requests for emergency inspections in a natural disaster context. Called the Kawada Techno System, it collects vital, accurate data about any affected bridges, which is then shared via GPS to smartphones and cameras.
We partner with Toho Airlines when inspecting disaster-struck sites, provide emergency engineering support, or are required to bring in medical professionals.

Our Future

For Kawada Industries, Inc., achieving our Kawada Vision 2022 will be the benchmark of our future success across all our divisions. By ensuring that we are contributing to society at large through our operations, as well as by continuing our stewardship of the environment, we will achieve true sustainability that benefits our people, our communities and our stakeholders for a long time to come.

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