Midori-chan™ on track for success at Hong Kong’s newest MTR station

Published On Mar 04, 2020

On 14 February, Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation unveiled their latest project to the public – Hin Keng Station. Situated in the New Territories, it is part of the vital Shatin to Central Link that will connect the central business district to outlying communities in northern Hong Kong.

We at Kawada Industries, Inc. have been fortunate enough to work with other cooperatives and architects on the Hin Keng Station project to provide green roofing for the entire station. It was a massive undertaking, as you can see from the image, with 4,628 m2 of space to be covered. Yet despite the vast area, we only needed to use 800 m3 of soil, which is able to sustain eight separate plant species. This was possible thanks to our Midori-chan™ greening system, which limits the amount of soil and watering required to maintain a healthy green roof.

Our green roof helps the station blend in perfectly with the surrounding forested landscape, and it softens the appearance of the building itself. The roof sits on a slope directly above the operating trains, and we hope you’ll agree that the results are both dramatic and visually stunning. Aesthetics aside, the roof helps to reduce the heat island effect at the station, leading to cooler temperatures inside the building and reducing usage of air conditioning. The result is a more sustainable, environmentally friendly station at Hin Keng.

If you want to find out more about the Midori-chan™ greening system, visit our website at https://global.kawada.jp/businesses/environmental/midorichan

Author:Sean Johnstone