Presenting the All-new Midori-chan™ Brochure

Published On Nov 05, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that an updated brief synopsis of our industry-leading, ultra-lightweight proprietary greening system, Midori-chan™ is now available.

The latest version of the synopsis highlights the following:

(1) The benefits of adopting the Midori-chan™ greening system

(2) Visuals of the system’s composition

(3) Updated saturated loading figures verified by an independent third party 

(4) The global presence of the Midori-chan™ system 

(5) Comparative analysis with existing systems in Hong Kong

(6) Installation sequence

(7) Projects in Hong Kong

I look forward to discussing potential greening projects with you. Together, we can encourage greener, cleaner communities and help companies create a sustainable future for all.

Finally, I thank you for your continued support, which has enabled Midori-chan™ to become a great success.

Should you have an interest in receiving the all-new Midori-chan™ brochure, please contact me directly.