Corporate Mission

"Serving society through technology," has been Kawada's mission since its inception in 1922. Our mission has been accomplished through technological innovations in a vast range of operations, including projects involving transportation, energy, and information, all basic necessities of society. Our bridges, for example, continue to be the world standard, and our buildings and city structures provide the infrastructure for an ever-changing, mobile society.

We take exceptional pride in our ability to contribute to the realisation of projects of historical interest. These projects not only benefit society, but also provide our workforce with vibrant, self-fufilling work.

Kawada is committed to continue to challenge the limits in cutting-edge technology to provide the urban infrastructure that people need to lead healthy and comfortable lives.

President's Message

In 1922, Chutaro Kawada, a blacksmith, started "Kawada Ironworks" in a small Japanese town in Toyama Prefecture. Since this humble beginning almost 90 years ago, the little steel shop has transformed itself into a multi-faceted corporation known for its quality, customer service, and innovation.

Kawada has built its reputation on high quality steel structures, and has become an industry leader with its comprehensive services, cost-effective strategies and first in the world projects:

  • “One Stop” for Sophisticated Projects. We are one of very few companies in the world that can undertake the whole of design, fabrication, erection, and repair/maintenance of not just steel, but concrete, as well as hybrid structures.
  • World Class-World Scale Structures. Our projects include the world’s greatest bridges, breathtaking steel towers, monumental high-rise buildings, sports and cultural arenas (including retractable roofs), and transportation facilities.
  • Leading Construction Technologies. Kawada is the world leader in space and material saving PreBeam™ structures (for bridge or building) and is the leading supplier of the steel-concrete hybrid bridge deck system – SC Deck™.

Our experience in construction and steel manufacturing naturally led us to innovations in green technologies for buildings, as well as in robotics designed for efficiencies and safety in manufacturing and construction:

  • Midori-chan® is our in-house developed water-saving urban planting and garden system.
  • GeoNeo® is an earth-coupled heat pump system for air conditioning and heating that will greatly decrease water usage and CO2 emissions.
  • Our Humanoid Robots including HRP-2, have served as the platform for the world’s top robotics researchers and have won numerous awards in the robotics field. To meet demands for labor cost savings and man-power, our Mechatronics Group developed and introduced NEXTAGE™ in 2009.
    In 2013, Kawada Industries spun off technology and business development sections of the field of robotics to establish Kawada Robotics Corporation (subsidiary of Kawada Industries).

We are proud of how far our "little steel shop" has come. As long as customers seek solutions that meet the challenges of limited resources and a greener society, we will provide excellence in engineering advancements and innovative systems.

Tadahiro Kawada

Tadahiro Kawada President, Kawada Industries, Inc.


Company Name Kawada Industries, Inc.

Headquarters 1-3-11 Takinogawa, Kita-ku, Tokyo, Japan 114-8562
President Tadahiro Kawada
Date of Establishment 2nd May 1922
Common Stock JPY 9,601,000,000 (as of March 2016)
Employees 1,022 (as of March 2016) 2,165 (Consolidated)
Revenue JPY 95,153,000,000 (Consolidated)
Main Certification ISO9001, ISO14001:2004, and AISC
Listed Stock We are a member of the Kawada Group headed by Kawada Technologies, Inc.
(First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange).

Main Business Activities

  • Design, Fabrication, and Construction of
    Steel Bridges and Structures
  • Architectural Services
  • Robotics and Unmanned Vehicles (R & D)
    (Running by Kawada Robotics Corporation)
  • Electrical / Mechanical Engineering Services



  • Design,Fabrication and Construction of Steel Bridges
    Design,Fabrication and Construction of Steel-Concrete Composite Girders and Composite Beams
    Fabrication and Erection of Steel Frames For Buildings, and Fabrication and Construction of Other Steel Structures (Except "7.3 Design and development")
    Related Operations: Tokyo Head Office, Toyama Head Office, Osaka Branch, Tochigi Sales Office & Tochigi Plant, Shikoku Sales Office & Shikoku Plant, Sapporo Sales Office, Tohoku Office, Nagoya Sales Office, Hiroshima Sales Office, Kyushu Sales Office, Okinawa Sales Office
  • Architecture Division
    Design, Supervision and Construction of Buildings
    Related Operations: Hokuriku Business Unit Architecture Department, Osaka Branch Architecture Division


  • Architecture Division
    All Activities Related to "Design and Construction of Buildings" at KAWADA INDUSTRIES, INC. and a Group of Workplaces Under Its Supervision
    Related Operations: Hokuriku Business Unit Architecture Department, Osaka Branch Architecture Division

AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction)

  • Standard for Steel Building Structures, Simple Steel Bridges and Major Steel Bridges
  • Fracture Critical Endorsement
  • Sophisticated Paint Coating Endorsement-Covered

Board of Directors

  • Tadahiro Kawada
Executive Managing Director(s)
  • Shinichi Kawada
Managing Director(s)
  • Satoru Watanabe
  • Takao Yamamoto
  • Satoshi Tada
  • Kensaku Miyata
  • Yuichi Kato
Corporate Auditors
  • Toshinari Okada
  • Masatoshi Akutsu
  • Takehiko Takagi
  • Shigeo Takagi
Managing Corporate Officer(s)
  • Yuji Iwasaki
  • Hiroyuki Matsuzaki
Corporate Officers
  • Yuji Kobayashi
  • Tatsunori Yoneda
  • Syuhei Uchida
  • Yoshihide Takada
  • Akira Yamagishi
  • Hitoshi Tsuda
  • Hitoshi Eguchi
  • Yoshifumi Kodama
  • Tooru Yoneyama
  • Mitsunobu Hoshitani
  • Kensuke Iwasaki
  • Yasufumi Takahashi
  • Setsuo Shioya
  • Shinsuke Ito